Audio archive


The accumulation of audio archive began in 1991. The largest part of the archive (over 500 hours) consists of ethnological material (instrumental and song folklore, choreography, calendar festivals and customs, family customs, folklore, Aukštaitija national costume, textiles, culinary heritage, crafts, architecture) collected in various districts of Panevėžys, Kėdainiai, Šiauliai, Molėtai, Biržai, Pasvalys, Radviliškis, Ukmergė, Varėna, Alytus, and other regions.


The archive contains records of the rehearsals of director Juozas Miltinis, meetings of the Movement Council of Panevėžys City, and memories of famous Panevėžys residents.


Audio archive material is encrypted, systematized, and catalogued. It is used to supplement publications, lectures, seminars, educational programmes, and the repertoire of folklore and ethnographic ensembles.