A set of items


The rich collection of items contains exhibits of different materials, made using various techniques and technologies. Most of them consist of various household items: dishes, furniture, clothes, jewelry, tools, weapons, etc. They reflect the life style and everyday life of different social classes of society.


Stored exhibits include both mass-produced articles and unique items. Although most of them present their homeland, we are also proud of Oriental art collection donated to the museum by physician Rimvydas Jonas Sidris in 1989. It includes ivory carvings, ritual wood sculptures and masks, and household items purchased in Bali, Fiji, Philippines, New Zealand, China, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and Australia.


The collection also includes works of art: Paintings, drawings, sketches, and sculptures by Bernardas Bučas, Juozas Zikaras, Jonas Mackevičius, Kazimieras Naruševičius, Stasys Kavaliauskas, Vincas Dilkas, Stasys Jusionis, Juozas Lebednykas, Klausutis Beržanskis, Irina Nosova, Algimantas Vytėnas, Antanas Gabrėnas, Jurgis Šapkus, Stasė Medytė, and others.


Personal belongings of Panevėžys region personalities of the 20th century: writer and public figure Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė, Didžiuliai family, choir conductor Mykolas Karkas, composer Antanas Belazaras and others are preserved here.