A set of documents


The collection of documents consists of over 5,000 exhibits telling the history of the region from the 16th century. Until these days. These include various manuscripts, property documents, documents of institutions and public organizations, and personal documents of people. The collection contains 63 letters of Upytė Powiat Court, dated to the 16th – 18th centuries, the oldest of which is written in 1585. The documents are written on sheets of paper with watermarks, and the old stamps on them have survived.


Among the preserved ecclesiastical documents are the files of the Curia of the Diocese of Panevėžys, covering the period of 1904–1960. This is parish pastors’ reports of 1926–1943, documents of 1904–1929 about the construction of Panevėžys Cathedral, documents about clergy, XX c. accused of anti-state activities in the 1930s, and others.


The collection includes a number of different programs and posters of cultural events held in the city in 1918-1940, as well as municipal election documents, and city plans.


The archives of many famous people of Panevėžys region are kept here: writer and public figure Gabrielė Petkevičaitė-Bitė, writer Matas Grigonis, physician Andrius Domaševičius, Didžiuliai family, choir conductor Mykolas Karkas, linguist and ethnologist Petras Būtėnas, composer Antanas Belazaras, director Juozas Miltinis and others.